Mini refinery engineering and construction in Kazakhstan

modular mini oil refinery
Construction project “The complex processing of hydrocarbon raw materials, to produce fuel capacity of 30-th. tons per year of raw material, of Aktau, Kazakhstan” includes the following major facilities that will be built and put into operation after the completion of two phases of construction mini refinery:

  • Drain and Tanker Car Rack;
  • Commodity Park (TSP);
  • Pumping Station;
  • Intermediate Technology Industrial Park;
  • Technological Installation of Primary Processing of Hydrocarbon Raw Materials (four settings MU «OPTIMA»-65 with accessories);
  • Water Pumping Stations;
  • Central Control Room;
  • Operator Drain-loading;
  • Laboratory.

oil refinery

Front-end engineering mini refinery  in Kazakhstan was carried out for the production line development, a list of process equipment and its layout was developed, aggregated estimates of the complex construction cost were made, forecast operating production costs, tax payments were estimated, products sales incomings were forecasted detailed by construction stages, investment project economic efficiency indicators were calculated – DCF dynamics, payback period, internal rate of return, profitability.

Based on the researches the conclusions regarding the economic feasibility of the investment project and the sustainability of the results to variations of initial data were obtained.

refinery Kazakhstan
mini refineries construction
mini refinery in Kazahstan