Mini refinery engineering in Iraq

modular refinery Iraq-2016
Engineering project “The complex processing of hydrocarbon raw materials, to produce fuel capacity of 1 million tons / year of raw material, of Sulaymaniyah, Iraq” includes the following major facilities that will be built and put into operation after the completion of two phases of construction:

  • Drain and Tanker Car Rack;
  • Commodity Park;
  • Pumping Station;
  • Intermediate Technology Industrial Park;
  • Equalizing System;
  • Technological Installation of Primary Processing of Hydrocarbon Raw Materials (four settings MU «OPTIMA»-150 with accessories);
  • Installation Zeolite Isomerization “MultiformingPro”;
  • Installation of Mixing Straight-run Gasoline Fraction with Octane-enhancing Additives and Obtaining Commercial Gasoline “Blending”;
  • Nitrogen Station;
  • Two Block – the Modular Steam Boiler;
  • The System of Industrial Sewage Pond Evaporator;
  • Water Pumping Stations;
  • Administrative Building;
  • Central Control Room;
  • Operator Drain-loading;
  • Laboratory;
  • Repair Shop with a Warehouse of Spare Parts;
  • Garage for Fire Engines.

modern modular refinery iraq