Mini refinery engineering in Tajikistan

modular refinery Tajikistan
Engineering project “The complex processing of hydrocarbon raw materials, to produce fuel capacity of 300 tons per year of raw material, of Tursunzade, Republic of Tajikistan” includes the following major facilities that will be built and put into operation after the completion of two phases of construction:

  • Railway Unloading/Loading Rack;
  • Drain and Tanker Car Rack;
  • Commodity Park (TSP);
  • Pumping Station;
  • Intermediate Technology Industrial Park;
  • Equalizing System;
  • Technological Installation of Primary Processing of Hydrocarbon Raw Materials (four settings MU «OPTIMA»-150 with accessories);
  • Installation Zeolite Isomerization “MultiformingPro”;
  • Installation of Mixing Straight-run Gasoline Fraction with Octane-enhancing Additives and Obtaining Commercial Gasoline “Blending”;
  • Nitrogen Station;
  • Two Block – the Modular Steam Boiler;
  • The System of Industrial Sewage Pond Evaporator;
  • Water Pumping Stations;
  • Administrative Building;
  • Central Control Room;
  • Operator Drain-loading;
  • Laboratory;
  • Repair Shop with a Warehouse of Spare Parts;
  • Garage for Fire Engines.

modular refinery Tajikistan 2016