Mini refinery

oil&gas refinery
Construction of mini-refineries consists of the following steps:

  • Feasibility Study investment facility construction;
  • Construction project;
  • Agreement, approval of the project;
  • Design, construction equipment (equipment of all refinery complex);
  • Construction works;
  • Installation of equipment (commissioning, the output mode);
  • Putting into operation.

The main project document for the construction of mini-refinery is a feasibility study. Composition, assignments of jobs for feasibility study development (feasibility study for the construction of the object).

mini refineries

The order of development, coordination, approval, part of the feasibility studies for the construction of new and change (expansion, modernization, modernization, reconstruction, restoration, overhaul) of existing enterprises, buildings, structures (hereinafter objects mini-refineries) are established by legislative, regulations and other regulatory documents of the state of the facility and are designed for use by all subjects of architecture, urban planning, construction activities on the territory of the State.

The provisions of these regulations shall be observed in the development of feasibility study for construction of objects, constructed wholly or partly at the expense of public investment, as well as being built without the participation of public investment, but provides for the establishment by law of state ownership share in the volume of products or services provided.

Feasibility study is carried out based on the data and the provisions contained in the plans of socio-economic development of the state, regional, industry, science and technology, and other government programs, schemes of development of productive forces, planning documentation (master plans for cities, settlements) as well other documents necessary for the construction of mini-refineries in the state of the facility.

The results of the feasibility study are the basis for decision-making on economic necessity, technical capabilities, commercial, economic and social viability of investments in the construction, obtaining the Certificate of choice land for the object.