Modular unit «OPTIMA»

mini oil refinery unit

Units production series 25 000 – 250 000 tons per year is intended for hydrocarbon crude primary processing. The following products will be processed with the unit MU «OPTIMA»:
  • gasoline fraction;
  • diesel fraction;
  • heating oil.

The process of oil refining with modular unit is carried out by continuous distillation of crude oil in the distillation columns. Distillation columns of packed type with regular packing Mellapak were preselected for the unit.

Equipment of unit is designed as a modular construction with maximum prefabrication, installation can be performed with the help of automobile cranes. Package supply reduces the scope of installation work, shortens terms and increases quality of the unit assembly.

Design, dimensions and implementation of units provide ease of installation and repair at any time of the year, as well as the ability to operate without continuous maintenance.

automatization oil refinery

MU «OPTIMA» Automated Process Control System provides the following:

  • continuous monitoring of process parameters;
  • process mode management for specified values maintenance;
  • registration of Emergency Shutdown System operation and its operational control;
  • continuous monitoring of ambient air within the unit;
  • continuous analysis of the process parameters deviation towards the critical values and possible accident prediction;
  • Emergency Shutdown System and controls operation control;
  • Emergency Detection Devices operation, selection and implementation of optimal control actions;
  • process facility accident-free start-up, shut-down and switch;
  • information on the facility security communication to the superior control system.


Minimum set of initial data for the calculation of process line equipment.

price mini oil refinery

Units production series 250 000-50 000 tons per year

oil refinery plant-250
oil refinery plant
oil refinery plant light