Mini oil refinery — MU «OPTIMA LIGHT»

Mini oil refinery — MU «OPTIMA LIGHT»

MU «OPTIMA LIGHT» – compact oil and gas condensate processing unit(COGPU), for mini oil refinery, with capacity of 30m3 per day.
Units are developed customer specific, based on the characteristics of the feedstock and the requirements for end products.

mini oil refinery unit optima-light

Units with only atmospheric distillation unit produce the following products from low-sulphur crude:

  • petroleum ether fraction;
  • benzene fraction;
  • straight-run gasoline fraction – suitable for use as a component of AI-92 gasoline;
  • white spirit fraction;
  • kerosene fraction;
  • diesel fuel component, which usually meets the requirements of GOST 305-82;
  • marine fuel fraction, heating fuel, fuel for power plants.

For the processing of crude with a high content of water and salts the dehydration and desalting units must be included in the processing unit.

The following can be delivered, if necessary:

  • Vacuum distillation units to produce vacuum gas oil, oil, tar, bitumen;
  • Compounding unit for increasing the octane number of straight-run gasoline up to AI-92.

The yield and quality of the products are determined by the quality of the crude!!!

The unit is delivered in blocks. Dimensions and weight of the units meet the requirements of rail, sea and road transportation, assembly can be performed by automobile cranes. Modular construction reduces the amount of installation works, ensures high speed and quality of the unit assembly. Unit is supplied in modular packages.
transportation oil refinery unit

oil refinery modular unit light
The unit meets all sanitary norms imposed for this equipment. The main source of harmful emissions into the atmosphere – is liquid-fuel modular burner. The maximum amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere for the unit with the capacity of 10 th. tons per year during operation on liquid fuel is (kg per year): hydrocarbons – 364, carbon monoxide – 35, nitric oxide – 112, nitrogen dioxide – 5, inorganic dust – 0.7.

In terms of the impact on the human body (toxicity) emissions are low-hazard (4 and 3 class of danger).

oil refinery plant light

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